India being one of the top producers of agricultural products, we have upgraded technology producing the pods of the Drumstick or Moringa tree that’s generally long dark smooth-skinned green in color.


Drumsticks (Moringa) goes by several common names such as drumstick tree (refers to the long, slender, seed-pods), horseradish tree (refers to the root which is similar to horseradish), and ben oil tree (refers to oil which obtained from the seed).

We are one of the producers and exporters for variety of agricultural products. Drumstick is a fast-growing tree and widely cultivated for its tender seed pod, leaves used as vegetable heaped with vital nutrients and as a medicine or its indispensable medicinal properties.

Nutritional Facts

Drumstick pods and leaves are a storehouse of essential nutrients, whereas the leaves are the most nutrient part of the plant and one of the finest sources of calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and magnesium. Fresh pods and seeds are a great source of oleic acid, a healthy fatty acid which is known to promote heart health. Moringa leaves is unique among all the greens as it is heaped with a good amount of protein about 9.8 gram of protein per 100 grams. Dry powdered leaves are an amazing source of good quality essential amino acids. Also Check Out: Drumstick Tree: The Many Benefits of Moringa Oleifera- Infographic

Nutritional Value Of Drumstick Per 100 grams
Energy 64 kcal

Carbohydrates 8.28 g

Dietary fibre 2.0 g

Fat 1.40 g

Protein 9.40 g


Vitamin A 378 μg

Thiamine (B1) 0.257 mg

Riboflavin (B2) 0.660 mg

Niacin (B3) 2.220 mg

Pantothenic acid (B5) 0.125 mg

Vitamin B6 1.2 mg

Folate (B9) 40 μg

Vitamin C 51.7 mg


Calcium 185 mg

Iron 4.00 mg

Magnesium 147 mg

Manganese 0.36 mg

Phosphorus 112 mg

Potassium 337 mg

Sodium 9 mg

Zinc 0.6 mg

Leaves Nutrition
Moringa leaves are an incredible source of essential vitamins such as vitamin B complex, C, K and beta carotene. The leaves are imbued with a rich array of minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, manganese and magnesium and a good amount of protein and dietary fibre. Moringa leaves are a powerhouse of antioxidants quercetin and chlorogenic acid. Moreover, moringa leaves supplement are well-known to enhance blood antioxidant levels.

Seeds Nutrition
Seeds are mostly used to extract oil and the mature pods are roasted and enjoyed as a snack like peas or nuts which comes with a high amount of vitamin C, B and minerals.

Uses Of Drumstick
Drumstick is praised as a tree of life as almost all the parts of the tree are beneficial and used for various purposes. The edible parts of the tree include leaves, stalks, stems, immature green fruit or seed pods, aromatic flower and young seeds and roots are made into nutritious and delicious dishes.

The mature seeds yield edible oil called ben oil, which is odourless, clear with high strength of behenic acid and resists rancidity. Seed cake after oil extraction is used as manure or as a floc to purify water. The shredded root with a distinct flavour is used as a condiment. Furthermore, the bark, sap, roots, leaves, seeds and flower find a prominent place in traditional medicine.